Jeff Smith Backs Stop The #NorthernPowercut Campaign


Jeff Smith is backing the Manchester Evening News campaign to reverse the shelving of plans to electrify the Manchester to Leeds train line.

Earlier this week Jeff raised his concerns over the delay in Parliament with the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills and asked whether discussions had taken place with Secretary of State for Transport over what impact this delay would have on business and growth.

The Manchester Evening News are calling for a firm commitment to completing the electrification project and – at a time when 92% of all transport network spending is in the south east – an assurance that London’s Crossrail 2 plans won’t take priority over northern rail electrification.

Jeff Smith: “If the Chancellor is serious about his wish to see a northern powerhouse, then the pause in plans for the electrification of the TransPennine route from Manchester to Leeds must be reversed. I raised this issue in Parliament earlier this week and I welcome the MEN’s campaign to stop the #northernpowercut.”

You can keep up to date with the stop the #northernpowercut campaign on the Manchester Evening News website.


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