Jeff Smith MP Shows Support For Housing and Homelessness Advice In Manchester



Jeff Smith MP showed his support for people fighting bad housing and homelessness in Manchester this week, when he attended the launch of Shelter’s new campaign to raise awareness of its vital advice and support services.

Jeff attended the event on Tuesday 5th January where he met with Shelter’s Director of Services Alison Mohammed to discuss the frontline services Shelter delivers in the local area, and across the UK. These include the 1413 cases that Shelter dealt with in the Manchester area last year alone.

Prompted by a new Shelter and YouGov survey, the event highlighted the strain families face in the North West in January, with one in eight rent or mortgage payers fearing they will be unable to meet their housing costs this month.

At the same time 17% of people in the region are cutting back on winter fuel and clothing to meet their housing payments – the equivalent of 960,000 people.

Jeff and Shelter are urging anyone who is struggling with their housing costs to seek advice, before problems spiral out of control. Shelter, the leading housing and homelessness charity, helps over 4 million people a year with free, practical housing advice, through its online support, face to face and national helpline services.

Shelter’s Director of Services Alison Mohammed said: “Every day at Shelter we hear from families who face the bleak choice between missing their rent or cutting back on heating. Or from parents whose children have stopped asking for treats because they know they’re struggling just to keep a roof over their heads.

“No-one should have to face these problems alone, which is why Shelter is here 365 days a year. Getting advice early can make all the difference, and we’re only ever a click or a call away at or on 0808 800 4444.”
Jeff Smith MP said“Shelter’s frontline services provide invaluable assistance to many of Manchester’s residents, particularly at what can be an extremely tough time of year. They can often be the difference between a family staying in their home or becoming homeless.

 “I know from my regular surgeries that it is absolutely critical people who are struggling to stay in their homes seek help at the earliest opportunity. I would urge anyone who is having difficulty making their rent or mortgage payments to contact Shelter, or myself, as soon as they can.

 “With so many parents in the UK cutting back on winter essentials to pay their rent or mortgage, it is important that people in Manchester are aware of the support that is available to them.”

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