Jeff Smith MP supports Friends of the Earth campaign to save the bees



Withington MP Jeff Smith joined Friends of the Earth and 38 Degrees to call on the Government to keep the ban on bee-harming pesticides.

In recent weeks, the National Farmers Union has requested special permission to use bee-harming pesticides on oilseed rape crops.  Last year, a similar request was submitted and granted, forming a dangerous precedent and ignoring a petition signed by over half a million people.

The ‘Bee…cause you’re worth it’ campaign seeks to highlight the crucial contributions of bees to our food supply and the ramifications of the decline in the bee population.  A third of all of our food depends on the pollination of bees but we have seen a 45% decrease in the commercial bee population in the UK since 2010.

Dave Timms from Friends of the Earth said: “Allowing farmers to use banned bee-harming pesticides would be reckless and unnecessary.

Bees are essential for pollinating our crops – we can’t afford to gamble with their future. The government must keep these dangerous pesticides out of our fields.”

Jeff Smith MP said: ‘I am proud to support the campaign of Friends of the Earth and 38 Degrees to urge the Government to maintain the ban on bee-harming pesticides.

Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem.  They increase the yield of our fruit and vegetables, expand our medical knowledge and save our farmers over £1.8 billion by pollinating our crops.  The scientific evidence for their importance is overwhelming and the Government must listen to the experts and resist attempts to drop the ban.’

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