Jeff Smith meets St Catherine’s School Eco Warriors


Manchester Withington MP Jeff Smith visited St Catherine’s School in Didsbury last week to meet their Eco Warriors team and discuss environmental issues in the local area.

As part of the Eco Warriors’ campaign to encourage walking to school, the students at St Catherine’s have been undertaking an environmental survey to identify the main barriers that prevent children from walking to school.

The children found that dog fouling near the schools was a big problem and asked Jeff if he could help them.

Jeff contacted Manchester City Council to let them know about the survey findings and the Council provided an extra bin along with stickers to attach to lampposts in the area reminding owners to clean up after their dogs. The school is also running a competition for the children to design a leaflet to distribute to local residents about the issue.

Following the visit, Jeff said: ‘It was fantastic to see the students taking such a keen interest in their local environment, and acting to make it better.

I wish them all the best with their campaign and look forward to seeing the result of the leaflet competition!’

Read more about the Eco Warriors at St Catherine’s School here.

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