Jeff Smith takes part in Fast-a-thon Challenge to raise awareness of crisis in Syria


This Friday, Manchester Withington MP Jeff Smith will fast as part of Syria Solidarity UK and Rethink Rebuild Society’s ‘fast-a-thon’ challenge.

The fast-a-thon campaign seeks to raise the profile of the 1 million Syrians currently under siege in Syria without access to humanitarian aid.  Any money raised will go to the work of Rethink Rebuild, a community organisation based in Manchester that runs community support groups for Syrians in Manchester and advocates on behalf of Syrians abroad.

Commenting on the campaign Jeff said: ‘I’m taking part in the fast-a-thon challenge to raise awareness of the daily suffering of the Syrian people.

I hope my fast will act as a gesture of solidarity with Syrians across the world and I wish them all the best as they observe Ramadan.’

You can donate to Rethink Rebuild’s work via the crowdfunding page here.

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