Jeff Smith MP calls on Government to act on cardiovascular diseases in Manchester


Manchester Withington MP Jeff Smith urged the Government to tackle high rates of premature deaths due to cardiovascular diseases in Manchester.

NHS figures released last week showed that 142 people per 100,000 in Manchester die prematurely due to a cardiovascular disease, nearly double the national average.

Manchester has retained its position as having the highest rates of premature deaths from a heart attack or a stroke in the country, with 372 people dying of cardiovascular diseases in 2014.

Jeff called on the Government to make time to debate the specific drivers of cardiovascular disease in the region, given that almost all areas of Greater Manchester had higher than average results.

Commenting on the figures, Jeff said: ‘You are more likely to die prematurely of a cardiovascular disease in Manchester than anywhere else in the country.

These figures represent the continuation of a worrying pattern for the Greater Manchester region and remind us that urgent action is needed.

The Government should act quickly to assess the specific drivers of cardiovascular disease in the region and work with Manchester City Council to reverse this concerning trend.’

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