Jeff commits to improving road safety in the UK


Manchester Withington MP Jeff Smith recently joined the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety to sign a pledge to improve road safety in the UK.

In 2015, 1,732 people were killed and a further 22,137 were reported to be seriously injured on the roads in Great Britain. The PACTS & Direct Line pledge provides an opportunity for MPs to spread the message that this is far too many and learn about steps they can take to reduce road casualties.

David Davies, Executive Director at PACTS, said: ‘We’re delighted that Jeff Smith is doing his bit to spread what is a vital message.

PACTS’ role is to support Parliamentarians with advice to promote road safety. The Dashboard provides unique information for every MP about road safety in their constituency.’

Jeff said: ‘There is still so much that we can do to make our roads safer. Although progress is being made in my constituency, 172 residents were injured in road accidents in 2014.

That is 172 too many, this pledge spreads an important message that our long-term aims should be to reduce road casualties to zero.

Here in Manchester, we’re undertaking a consultation into lowering the speed limit on Princess Road, I’d encourage all constituents to take part and help to make our roads safer.’

The PACTS / Direct Line Constituency Road Safety Dashboard provides unique information about all 632 parliamentary constituencies in Great Britain. It is updated each year and can be found here.

Manchester City Council’s consultation into the speed limit on Princess Road can be found here.

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