“A weak Prime Minister failing to respond to the crisis facing our public services” – My view on the Queen’s Speech


Today we saw a weak Prime Minister deliver a Queen’s speech that failed to respond to the crisis faced by our public services.

The speech was most notable for what was missing; plans for Grammar Schools scrapped, repeal of foxhunting ban shelved, state visit for Donald Trump missing, “dementia tax” reduced to a consultation and no changes to the free school meals system.

These are welcome omissions, but the Prime Minister should have replaced the worst aspects of the Tory manifesto with a positive vision about investment in our public services.

Instead, she reiterated her support for a school Funding Formula that will see schools in our constituency lose £620 per pupil. There was no announcement on the large-scale investment that our social care system so clearly needs.  We heard more warm words on mental health, but the commitment to reform the outdated Mental Health Act has been dropped.

The Prime Minister put her party before the country again today by giving a Queen’s Speech written to appease a divided Conservative Party and their partners in the DUP.

Our country needs an ambitious plan for our public services that sees our schools, hospitals and police forces properly funded.  That what my Labour colleagues and I will be pushing for in the months ahead.

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