New report calls for more support for local music venues after Brexit


Jeff Smith, MP for Manchester Withington, has welcomed a report from UK Music which calls for more support to be given to local music venues.

The report, entitled Wish You Were Here 2017, highlights the importance of live music to our economy and livelihoods.  Music tourism generates £4 billion to the economy, with 30.9 million people attending either a UK festival or concert over the last year (12% increase on the previous year).

The report also reveals that in the North West music tourism contributed £500 million to the regional economy, with 1.86 million music tourists visiting for gigs and festivals. Music tourism in the North West also supports 6256 jobs.

The report warns of the need to support local music venues through the impact of leaving the European Union and protect the industry as a whole.

Commenting on the report, Jeff said: “Having worked in the music industry before I became an MP, I know how important it is to our economy and our society.

Manchester has always been the beating heart of British music culture. 

The home of The Smiths, Joy Division, the Happy Mondays, the Hacienda and a whole host of other musical icons, our city has led the way in showing how local music venues can transform not only the fortunes of artists but also the city they live in.

With 1.9 million people visiting the North West last year for gigs and festivals, the Government must recognise the huge impact of the live music industry on our economy.”

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