New NHS Statistics show hospital waiting times at highest level for a decade


Manchester Withington MP Jeff Smith has criticised the Government after NHS statistics published today showed the longest waiting times since 2007.

The number of patients waiting for routine surgery is now the highest for a decade as the NHS struggles to cope with increased demand without sufficient funding from the Government.

The figures also highlighted that the Government missed the 4 hour A&E target again in July. The target of treating 95% of patients within 4 hours hasn’t been met since July 2015.

Similarly, the target to ensure all cancer patients receive their first treatment within two months of being referred by their GP wasn’t met, nor was the target for 93% of patients with breast cancer symptoms to see a consultant within two weeks of being referred by a family doctor.

Commenting on the figures, Jeff said“7 years of Tory Government has brought our NHS to its knees.

These targets were introduced by Labour in 1997 but have been routinely missed by successive Tory Governments.

You can’t hide from the statistics and until the Government gives NHS services and staff the funding they need, these targets will continue to be missed, with patients suffering as a result.”

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