Lockable cooker valves available for customers living with dementia or autism

In a new scheme aimed at supporting people living with dementia or autism, gas distribution company Cadent will fit lockable cooker valves at no extra cost.

Lockable cooker valves are small valves that can be fitted to or near a hob or cooker within the home which can help isolate gas supplies. Cadent provides sets of keys for the customer and/or their carer who can then turn off the gas or appliance off.

Jeff said: “The installation of lockable cooker valves can support those living with dementia or autism to live independent lives safely.  It seems like a simple change to make, but these valves can have a huge impact.”

To find out how to get a lockable cooker valve installed, visit Cadent’s website here – www.cadentgas.com/lcv. 

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