Jeff backs campaign encouraging young people to get the meningitis vaccination


Manchester Withington MP Jeff Smith has shown his support for a campaign, led by Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Rosie Heaton, encouraging young people to get vaccinated against meningitis.

Rosie, who has herself suffered from meningitis, is encouraging students in particular to get vaccinated.  First year students under the age of 25 can get a free vaccination from their GP but only 33% of students have taken this offer up.

Commenting on the campaign, Jeff said: 

“Getting vaccinated for meningitis is quick, easy and will protect you from one of the more difficult conditions to diagnose.

Students are particularly vulnerable, so this campaign is vital to encourage first-years to take advantage of the free vaccination.”

Meningitis Now provide an app or free wallet-sized cards which explains the symptoms of meningitis and how to find more information. You can find all their resources here.


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