New project to build community garden outside rehabilitation unit

rehab centre

Volunteers are planning to transform a courtyard outside Buccleuch Lodge Rehabilitation Unit in West Didsbury into a green oasis as a therapeutic environment for patients.

Buccleuch Lodge provides intensive therapy for older patients transitioning from hospital to home, or needing therapeutic support at home to avoid hospital admissions.

Volunteers are working to transform the courtyard garden, aiming to provide colourful flowerbeds, a sensory garden, a pond with a duck house for the resident duck and her family, sheltered places for quiet rest or private chats and opportunities for outdoor games and horticultural therapy.

Volunteers are getting together on FRIDAY 21 SEPTEMBER to start the work of digging out years of weeds and tired soil, and inviting others to join if they can.

They are also looking for donations, both financial and any gardening equipment, plants and other useful items.  IF you can help, get in touch with Liz Graham at




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