Jeff welcomes Manchester City Council’s promise to phase out fossil fuels by 2038

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Manchester Withington MP Jeff Smith has welcomed Manchester City Council’s pledge to become ‘zero carbon’ in just 20 years.

The pledge goes much further than other cities in the country and most cities across the world. It would effectively mean that all transport in the city would be powered by renewable energy by 2038, including through widespread electrification of cars and public transport.

The detail of the Council’s plans will be announced next year but looks set to include measures to help schools, social housing providers, tenants, businesses and housing developers to take steps to become more energy efficient.

The Town Hall have pointed out that  achieving the goal would benefit the poorer and older people the most – those more likely to be living in fuel poverty in badly insulated houses or those at risk of flooding.

Jeff said: 

“Manchester was the first industrial city in the 19th century so it’s right we set our goal to be the first zero carbon city in the 21st century.

By confronting climate change head on, Manchester City Council will improve the lives of people in our city and set an example for other cities around the world to match our ambition.

I look forward to seeing the detail of the plans next year, and will be on hand to help where I can.”


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