Jeff backs Bill Oddie’s call for an urgent ban on trophy hunting imports

Bill Oddie

Manchester Withington MP Jeff Smith has backed calls for an urgent ban on trophy hunting imports, as new figures show that nearly 400 hunting trophies from endangered animals have been imported into Britain in recent years.

Commenting on the campaign, Jeff said: 

“Trophy hunting involves killing some of the most beautiful wild animal species on earth simply for personal gratification. 

It is not only damaging to the endangered species themselves, the evidence shows that importing the parts also provides cover for a brutal illegal trade.

The vast majority of British people regard trophy hunting to be cruel, archaic and immoral. The UK should show global leadership by banning it.

Conservationist and broadcaster Bill Oddie said: 

“Elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs and rhinos are all fighting for their lives. We could see all of them go extinct within a generation.

When you’ve got a scattered, dwindling population, the loss of a handful of animals doesn’t just cause a ripple effect – it can be like a tsunami wave.

Trophy hunting has always been senseless cruelty. Letting people kill them because they think it’s entertaining is just insane, especially when you’re talking about wildlife with such a vulnerable status”.

Eduardo Goncalves from the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting said: 

“British trophy hunters are targeting endangered animals. They have killed literally hundreds of elephants, hippos, leopards and lions – and then brought back their body parts for show.

Jeff is right to speak up for his constituents who clearly want to see an end to this.

Australia, France and the Netherlands have introduced import bans. We hope the U.K. government takes action before it is too late.”


For information about trophy hunting contact Eduardo Gonçalves of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting (CBTH) at or on 0782 682 4384.

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