Jeff Backs ‘Better Buses for Greater Manchester’ Campaign


Manchester Withington MP Jeff Smith has backed a campaign for re-regulation and greater public control of bus services.

Better Buses for Greater Manchester has been set up to campaign for a regulated bus network that is run in the public interest and makes better use of taxpayers’ money, similar to the bus network in London.

Commenting on the campaign, Jeff said:

Buses account for 79% of all public transport journeys in Greater Manchester, but we know that coverage and quality across the network is variable. Many people rely on buses, but a lack of integration across different companies leaves some communities with few or no buses at all.

I support the idea of a regulated bus service where Transport for Greater Manchester would have powers to coordinate the network, make fares more affordable and demand better standards from bus companies.

You can find the petition set up by the Better Buses for Greater Manchester here.

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