Brexit: Update on Indicative Votes following the Speaker’s Amendments

I continue to believe that Brexit is a disaster for the UK, and I have focused my efforts in recent months on trying to ensure three outcomes; avoiding a catastrophic “no deal” Brexit; voting against the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal; and arguing for Labour to back a public vote on whatever deal is the eventual outcome of the Brexit negotiation. I believe a public vote should have remain as the alternative proposition and I would campaign strongly for remain in that scenario.

In votes today, I will vote for amendments that do the following:

  • require a public vote on any deal negotiated (the Beckett/Kyle/Wilson amendment)
  • support revocation of Article 50 in the event of a “no deal” (the Cherry amendment)
  • keep open options for a “soft Brexit”. I hope that we will have the opportunity to reverse the decision to leave the European Union, but if this proves impossible, we should aim for the closest possible relationship with the EU.

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