Jeff Signs Greenpeace Environment Pledge


Jeff Smith MP has signed Greenpeace’s pledge for a flagship Environment Bill that puts an end to plastic pollution, cleans up our environment and restores nature.

Greenpeace are calling for ambitious targets and laws on plastic reduction and the restoration of nature overseen by a strong, independent watchdog in the upcoming Environment Bill. The Greener UK Charter for the Environment  sets out proposals for an ambitious Environment Bill that;

  • secures the recovery of nature and a healthy environment for the benefit of people and wildlife;
  • sets ambitious legally binding targets to clean up our air, seas and rivers; return our soils to health; ensure resilient ecosystems on land and at sea; recover our native biodiversity; improve access to green space; address climate change; and reduce waste;
  • creates nature recovery networks, mapped and delivered locally, to contribute to delivering these targets;
  • establishes an independent watchdog with the powers to hold the UK government and public bodies to account, underpinned by world leading environmental principles enshrined in law;
  • reflects our commitment to reducing our global environment footprint, and restoring nature overseas

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