Jeff attends the Commemoration of the 200th Anniversary of Peterloo


On Friday, Jeff Smith MP attended the Manchester commemoration event to mark the 200 years since the Peterloo Massacre.

The Peterloo Massacre, which occurred on the 16th August 1819, has had a lasting legacy in the development of social justice and democracy. The massacre at St. Peter’s, which resulted in 18 deaths and hundreds injured, is seen as a pivotal moment in the fight for democracy and universal suffrage.

The ‘Peterloo: Protest, Democracy, Freedom’ project event was held on Friday in remembrance of the massacre that took place. As well as remembering the loss of life, it’s important to recognise the fight for liberty and suffrage. In recognising the legacy of the Peterloo Massacre, in relation to the development of democracy, the plaque in St Peters Square has been replaced with a memorial.

Speaking about the event, Jeff said:

“Today’s commemoration was a moving tribute to those who were killed and wounded in St Peter’s Fields two hundred years ago for peacefully protesting for their democratic rights.

It is clear from the popularity of the anniversary events that the legacy of the Peterloo massacre lives on and continues to inspire people to this day.”

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