Jeff welcomes post office banking campaign victory

191029 barclays post office pic

Barclays has reversed the decision to remove cash withdrawal services from Post Office branches from January 2020, following pressure from MPs and consumer campaigners.

The bank had announced that customers would soon no longer be able to make over-the-counter cash withdrawals using debit cards from Post Office branches.

Jeff Smith, the Labour MP for Manchester Withington, was one of a group of cross-party MPs to sign a letter to the CEO of Barclays, urging them to reconsider.

Their letter explained that the change would ‘only add to the cash crisis many of the most vulnerable and elderly in our communities are currently facing’, and said the decision should be reversed ‘to prevent any of our constituents from being further side-lined in our local and national economies.’

Barclays have now issued a statement, saying ‘[they] have been persuaded to rethink [their] proposals’ and ‘will now maintain a full service proposition in the Post Office for our customers, including cash withdrawals using a debit card, for the next three years.’

Jeff said:

“I was pleased to support this campaign and am delighted to see that it has now been successful.

“17% of the UK population – or 8 million adults – would find it difficult to function in a cashless society. We are already seeing mass ATM, high street bank and building society branch closures happening across our country, so for Barclays to withdraw from Post Offices would have been the last straw for many people who depended on them.

I’m glad to see the Barclays reverse their decision and hope this will be a relief to customers who rely on access to cash to live their lives.”

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