Jeff joins Money and Mental Health advisory board

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Jeff Smith, the Labour MP for Manchester Withington, has joined the advisory board of Money and Mental Health.

Money and Mental Health is an independent charity which works to break the link between financial difficulty and mental health problems. Currently, people with mental health problems are three and a half times more likely to be in problem debt.

Conducting research and developing practical policy solutions, the organisation works to achieve the following goals:

  1. Fewer people are disadvantaged as a result of their mental health or experience psychological harm when choosing, using or paying for essential services
  2. Fewer people have poor living standards as a result of mental health problems
  3. Support services become more effective at helping people who have both money and mental health problems

Money and Mental health is supported by an advisory board which brings together experts from academia, service provision, industry and those with lived experience of mental health problems.

Jeff will join the other advisory board members in supporting the organisation’s work in an independent capacity.

Jeff said:

“As someone who is passionate about ensuring people with mental health problems have the best possible access to services and support, I am delighted to support Money and Mental Health’s work.

The changes we hope to make would improve the lives of many in my constituency, and people facing mental health problems and money issues all across the country. I look forward to using my platform in parliament to help break the link between mental health problems and debt as a member of the Advisory Board.”

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