BBC Bitesize Launches Daily Lessons for 3-18 Year Olds

BBC Bitesize have worked with education experts from around the UK to offer additional help for students and their parents while schools are closed due to coronavirus.


The BBC Bitesize website will have Maths, English and Science lessons available each day for all ages. These will consist of videos, practice tests, educational games and articles. There will also be regular lessons on subjects including  History, Geography, Music and Art and guides for SEN pupils.


On top of this, parents will be able to access advice on how to support their children’s education while schools are closed. They can find study schedules and other tools for their children’s home learning on the Bitesize Facebook and Twitter accounts.


To support learning from home, BBC Sounds is also launching podcasts aimed at primary and secondary pupils which are around ten minutes long each and will ink to content on the Bitesize website.


You can access the BBC Bitesize website here.

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