Jeff: “Queens Speech fails to tackle our biggest challenges”

In mid-May the Government set out their plan for the
parliamentary year ahead – and missed the chance to
tackle the biggest problems we face as a nation.

Jeff said; “Some of the major issues have been ignored;
for example there was no action to end the scandal
of “fire and rehire” – where employers dismiss their
staff , only to reemploy them on lower wages and worse
conditions. We need a strong employment bill to outlaw
the practice.

But perhaps most disappointing was once again the absence
of a plan to tackle the social care crisis. Despite promises to
create a social care system that protects people in their older
age without catastrophic costs, the Queens Speech only had
nine words about vague proposals, and no proper measures.
Meanwhile, it’s welcome that the government will introduce
an Environment Bill, but this has been long delayed, and we
need faster action to tackle the biggest challenge we face – the
climate crisis. Our country deserves better.”

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