HS2 is a new, high speed north-south railway, which is being taken forward in phases. It will add capacity to the network, allowing us to get freight off the roads and passengers out of planes, and will boost the economy of the north. If approved, the High Speed Rail (Crewe – Manchester) Bill will authorise Phase 2b of HS2 between Crewe and Manchester, including the construction of new railway tunnels under Crewe and south Manchester. When it passes under Manchester Withington, the line will be at least 36m underground, so there should be no disruption to residents in Didsbury, Withington and Fallowfield.

Proposed HS2 route through the constituency

Over the weekend, HS2 have been sending property owners in Manchester Withington – who are close to the path of the new line – factsheets about the proposed new high-speed train line and its impact on the area. You can read a copy here.

HS2 (Crewe – Manchester) Bill

The legislation for the Crewe – Manchester line has started its progress in the House of Commons. HS2 has the potential to bring huge benefits to the North, but it must be done right.

I support Manchester’s plans for an underground station at Piccadilly – linking to a future east-west high speed line, using land better, and bringing jobs and development. This is a once in a century opportunity – let’s get the Government and HS2 to do it properly.

If you have further queries contact me at jeff.smith.mp@parliament.uk

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