Jeff visits the Castlefield Viaduct ‘Sky Park’

Jeff Smith was offered a preview of the new sky park in Castlefield Viaduct before its opening this weekend.

The Castlefield Viaduct is an iconic part of Manchester’s skyline, but hasn’t been used as a railway line since 1969. The National Trust have transformed this disused line into a free-to-access park in the sky with trees and flowers planted to attract wildlife.

As well as enjoying the beautiful spaces, visitors can also learn more about the history of the viaduct and of Castlefield’s industrious past.

At the moment the urban park is temporary, with an expectation that the park will be a long-term feature after feedback from visitors and residents.

Jeff Smith says: With a new push for more green spaces around the city centre, the Sky Park is a fantastic project which combines Manchester’s industrial history and a beautiful green space together.

The National Trust have done a great job, but it’s also thanks to local people, community groups, and the City Council for working together and creating a space that’s best for the area.

The park will undoubtedly be a great asset for city centre residents, but it should also be a stepping stone to other south Manchester green spaces and attractions as well.”

You can book one of the 100 free spaces that will be available each day here

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