Sign Jeff’s petition! Tell the government to freeze energy bills this winter

People have suffered over a decade of cuts and now the cost-of-living crisis is unsustainable. This is a national economic emergency, but the Conservative government is putting the profits of oil and gas giants before the British people. We need real action now to tackle the Conservatives’ cost of living crisis and keep people out of poverty.

Sign our petition to tell the government to freeze bills

We call on the government to back Labour’s plans to freeze energy prices. 

We are facing an economic emergency. Britain’s cost of living crisis is getting worse, leaving people scared about how they’ll get through the winter. Labour’s plan to save households £1,000 this winter and invest in sustainable British energy to bring bills down in the long-term is a direct response to the national economic emergency that is leaving families fearing for the future.  

We back Labour’s new plan to freeze energy bills this winter, and demand the government:  

  • Freeze energy bills for all domestic energy customers
  • Ensure people on prepayment meters pay the same for energy as people who pay bills monthly. 
  • Set up a Warm Homes Plan to insulate millions more homes to reduce the amount of energy we need and save more money off bills. 

Freezing energy bills is a fully costed measure paid for by taxing oil and gas producers who are making record profits. Labour’s fully-funded plan would fix the problems immediately and for the future – helping people get through the winter while providing the foundations for a stronger, more secure economy. 

The government must back Labour’s plan and save families from destitution this winter.