Jeff Smith takes part in Three Ways to Save a Life training

Jeff Smith taking part in St John Ambulance training

Jeff Smith MP and his team, recently took part in St John Ambulance’s ‘Three Ways to Save a Life’ in partnership with BBC Radio Manchester.

Following the fifth anniversary of the Manchester Arena bombing, the Nation’s leading first aid and emergency response charity St John Ambulance in partnership with BBC Radio Manchester is working to bring essential first aid skills to members of the public and local organisations and community groups across Greater Manchester.

As part of St John Ambulance’s ‘Three Ways to Save a Life Campaign’ they are providing public training sessions, on-demand training, and virtual instruction delivering key life saving techniques from now until the end of 2022. These include:

  • Delivering cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and using a defibrillator
  • How to treat severe bleeding and catastrophic haemorrhage
  • How to treat someone who is choking
  • How to do carry out a primary survey and put someone in the recovery position.

Sessions are being delivered by teams of St John volunteers and trainers across the boroughs of Greater Manchester, through planned events in public locations, at St John volunteer HQs and on demand by local groups and organisations through virtual sessions.

Commenting on the campaign, Jeff Smith MP said: “It am delighted to support this campaign to help strengthen first aid resilience in Manchester, Withington and I would like to take this opportunity to thank St John Ambulance for training me and my team in first aid.

I was extremely impressed to learn about the wide range of services provided by St John Ambulance. St John volunteers have played a vital role in supporting the NHS and local communities delivering over 1.6 million hours of service in hospitals, on ambulances, at events and through community projects in Greater Manchester and across the country.

We have all seen them ready to provide first aid cover at local events and I encourage people from across Manchester Withington to engage with this campaign to support our local community and ultimately save lives.”  

Policy & Public Affairs Officer Kit Bowerin said: “I would like to thank Jeff Smith for his longstanding support for our campaign and congratulate our incredible volunteers in Manchester Withington for everything they do to serve their local community and support improved first aid resilience across Greater Manchester”

At St John, we want to develop and maintain the capacity we need as the nation’s auxiliary ambulance service; to retain and engage volunteers who have joined us during the pandemic to help their communities through first aid; and to ensure the expertise of clinically trained volunteers are included in future planning for emergency resilience and response.” 

Since the campaign launched in May, over 10,000 people have received first aid training helping the NHS and local communities by enhancing public resilience to medical emergencies and serious incidents. 

Members of the Greater Manchester public and local groups can book a Three Ways to Save a Life session with St John Ambulance by visiting or emailing     

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