Mortgage repayments

After recent economic decisions from the government, many constituents may have found themselves with increased interest rates on their mortgage repayments.

Shelter have provided advice for people struggling with mortgage debt. There are tips for avoiding mortgage arrears and preventing repossession, and what to do if your mortgage lender starts court action. You can read the full advice here.

In the first instance that you believe you may have problem repaying your mortgage, you must speak to your own mortgage lender as soon as possible. Your lender may be more helpful if you tell them about problems early on. You can still speak to them after they have started court action as well.

The breathing space scheme could pause eviction, repossession or debt recovery while you get free debt advice.

You can also use debt advice lines listed here to look at how to manage mortgage debt.

For further housing organisations that may be able to support you, or for people facing further housing enquiries, you can look at other services listed here.