Support for new Afghan residents

Afghanistan and Central Asian Association (ACAA) are an award-winning British charity, which supports refugees in their resettlement and help them rebuild their lives and prosper in the UK. They host a number of services that may be useful to Afghan refugees and asylum seekers, especially those who have come to the UK very recently and may need support adjusting to living here.

There are a range of online and face-to-face services, including:

•           English for Speakers of Other Languages

•           Supplementary Saturday School for children and teenagers

•           Women’s Support Groups

•           Legal Advocacy and Advice ( Counselling and information)

•           Employment Project ( Interview training) and Business Advice

•           Mother-Tongue Language Classes

•           Interpretation Services

•           Mentoring Project (to meet the needs of individuals)

•           Afghan and Muslim Girls’ Football Club

•           Voluntary Placements/internship

You can read more information on their website.


FB: Afghanistan & Central Asian Association

Twitter: A_CAA

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