“Wrong and counterproductive”: Jeff responds to President Trump’s new immigration policy

After President Donald Trump announced over the weekend that he has blocked entry to the US for refugees from Syria and citizens from 7 Muslim-majority nations, Manchester Withington MP Jeff Smith responded:

“This Executive Order is wrong and counterproductive.  The President is denying sanctuary to some of the most vulnerable refugees in the world, while buying into the false narrative that citizens of these countries are enemies of the West.  It can only promote division and resentment.

Our Prime Minister has failed to take the danger of the new President’s sanctions seriously.  It took this government 38 hours to choose a position on this disgraceful policy, and the best the Foreign Secretary could do yesterday was “this wouldn’t be our policy”.

This is not good enough, and the Prime Minister must now stand up for the values of tolerance and diversity by postponing any planned State Visit until this Executive Order has been withdrawn. 

This can no longer be “business as usual”, the Prime Minister must show leadership by unequivocally condemning this policy.” 

petition to withdraw the invite to President Trump to make a State Visit has already gained 1.6 million signatures.  You can sign it here.

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