Jeff Smith MP Supports Schoolchildren Petitioning for Peace in Yemen


Manchester Withington MP Jeff Smith joined more than 60 activists, including 24 school children, at Westminster to support the hand in of a peace petition to the Foreign Office. The activists want the UK Government to hear them standing up for the children of Yemen and turn political promises into practical change at the UN Security Council.

Recent reports of increased fighting in Yemen – already the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world – have cast doubt on the future of the Stockholm peace process which began in December last year. Save the Children estimates that 85,000 children under five in Yemen may have died from extreme hunger since the escalation of the conflict in April 2015, and ahe slim window of opportunity to secure peace in Yemen is now.

Jeff Smith joined British children and campaigners to show solidarity with the children of Yemen. Speaking about the campaign, Jeff said:

I am pleased to support Save the Children’s petition hand in. These British children believe the children of Yemen deserve a better future. Witnessing their determination to hold our government to account is a reminder to us all that we must be persistent in our pursuit of peace. Following four years of conflict the civilians of Yemen continue to fight for survival. For the sake of Yemen’s children, we must urge our government to use its influence at the UN Security Council and create a future without conflict.”

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